Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VA?

A VA is a virtual assistant who will work remotely with you to carry out assigned tasks

Why virtual?

Assigned tasks are mainly completed remotely. In other words, in most cases, you will not necessarily be in the same city as your virtual assistant

So I’ll never meet my VA?

You will never physically meet your VA, save for a few exceptions. Most of your interaction will be via email, phone, and videoconference.

What’s the role of my VA?

Check out our “Learn More” page which addresses this topic.

Is my VA qualified?

All members of our pool of VAs are seasoned experts in their domain to ensure the quality of their work. Also, we carefully handpick our VAs. We assess many factors based on your needs, like personality and skills, to ensure an optimal match. Experience is one of the selection factors, but we also like to offer opportunities to all types of candidates.

Can my VA perform all the tasks I assign to them?

Some projects could require several VAs specialized in different fields to fully meet your needs.

How do schedules work?

All our collaborators are self-employed. They manage their own schedule. If you need help outside of your VA’s office hours, we will be happy to provide the necessary support.

How are worked hours billed?

Assistants record the hours worked and send them to us every weekend. No other costs are incurred.

What are the available payment options?

We accept credit cards and bank transfers. The terms of payment are detailed on your invoice.

What if I’m not satisfied with my VA?

Though this rarely happens, some collaborations are not successful for various reasons. Contact us immediately to discuss the situation. We’ll fine-tune our understanding of your needs and put you in touch with a VA who will better meet your expectations.

I have other questions.

Do I have to pay a subscription?

Contact us by email at We’ll gladly answer your questions.

Why trust Lily Max?

Lily Max is committed to protecting the work of our VAs while protecting the interests of our clients. As such, payment is received prior to providing services to clients. Our VAs are paid after the completion of their duties.