You might wonder…

What’s the role of a VA?

  A VA’s role is the same as that of a personal assistant. They can take various roles according to your needs and projects: administrative, accounting, legal, etc. The main difference? The VA works remotely and doesn’t have a physical desk on your premises.

What are the advantages of using the services of a VA?

Performance and Flexibility

  Your VA will have the required expertise for the realization of your projects. Your VA, being self-employed, adapts their schedule according to your needs and the agreement.

Expertise and support

  Your VA will apply their skills to offer you flawless service. They’ll also offer you sound advice to help you make informed decisions.

Save time and money

  Your VA allows you to delegate tasks, allowing you to free up your time to focus on growing your business. You’ll only be billed for the hours worked*. You do not incur any indirect expenses as is the case with an employee (office space, employer charges, insurance, and other taxes).

Networking and partnerships

  We leverage our network of professionals and partners to meet your specific needs.

Privacy and secure payments

  We make sure your payments are secure and protected until your VA has completed all their work hours. All our VAs sign and abide by a confidentiality agreement in order to protect our clients.


  We offer pricing based on your needs and the experience and skills of your VA. We will send you a quote based on these criteria in order to validate your project and the proper understanding of your needs. You will receive an invoice each month indicating the terms of payment.

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The business and its founder

Lili Max is a virtual assistance agency

               Lily Max aims to support businesses and individuals who need to delegate their administrative, accounting, legal, or other tasks.

               Whatever your needs, Lily Max will carefully analyze your profile to find the right VA for you.

               Lily Max was established by Aurélie Max in January 2018 to create a network of professionals.