Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VA?
A VA is a virtual assistant who will work remotely with his/her customers to carry out assigned tasks.
Why virtual?
Assigned tasks are mainly completed remotely. In other words, in most cases, you will not necessarily be in the same city as your clients.
So I’ll never meet my clients?
You will never physically meet your clients, save for a few exceptions. Most of your interactions will be via email, phone, and video-conference.
What is my role as a VA?
Check out our « Learn More » page which addresses this topic.
What kind of qualifications do I need?
Check out our « Learn More » page which addresses this topic.
What kind of qualifications do I need?
It’s recommend to be trained and/or having a minimum experience for the chosen domain, in order to provide a quality service to your clients. We invite you to visit our page « Become a VA », it shares some advices to do your first steps as a virtual assistant.
What kind of qualifications do I need?
All people we recommend for mandates are professionals in their own domain with a certain amount of experience in order to ensure the quality of provided work.
However, it might happen that you just finished school with a brand new training and so, with none or a few experience. Lily Max offers mandates opportunity with no experience required, and gives the chance to beginners to prove him/her self.
Lily Max believes that everyone has invaluable resources and is capable to achieve great things
Can my client assign me all the tasks he/she wants?
No. Ethics and transparency are very important to us. As a virtual assistant, you’re committed to provide a quality service to your clients.
If the required task is in a skill beyond ours, it is your responsibility to immediately inform us. We will help you, as well as your client, and give you a supplementary support for these tasks.
The tasks I’m in charge with aren’t ethical or are against my values. What can I do?
First thing first, talk to us as soon as possible. Don’t do anything that might be against your value or your ethical choices, especially if it doesn’t seem legal to you.
Together, we will analyze the situation and will be able to find possible solutions
How do schedules work?
As a virtual assistant, you’re independent. You’re free to manage your own schedule. It happens, nevertheless, that some of our clients have specific restrictions on schedules. These restrictions will be stipulated at the beginning of each mandates
How are worked hours billed?
You have to record every worked hour. Breaks aren’t included. Each started quarter has to be recorded as a quarter and not as an hour.
How and when will I get my payment?
You’ll get paid at the end of each mandates or each set number of hours. You have to send us your worked hours for every client every Sunday before midnight. Depending on the agreement with Lily Max, payments can be sent every week, every two weeks or every month.
If there is a disagreement/misunderstanding with a client, what can I do?
Though this rarely happens, some collaborations are not successful for various reasons. Contact us immediately to discuss the situation. We’ll fine-tune our understanding of your needs and put you in touch with a client who will better meet your expectations.
I have another question?
Contact us by email at We’ll gladly answer your questions.

Do I have to pay a subscription?

There is no subscription to pay.

Why trust Lily Max?

Lily Max is committed to protecting the work of its VAs while protecting the interests of its clients. As such, payment is received prior to providing services to clients. Our VAs get paid after the completion of their duties.